Sian Fan is an interdisciplinary artist working in London. She is currently studying a Fine Art Masters at Central Saint Martins, where she has been awarded the prestigious Mona Hatoum Scholarship.


She has exhibited internationally with venues including Tate Modern, British Council, and the ICA, as well as producing work with Channel 4, the BBC and Google. 


Her work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore disembodiment and human experience in the digital age. Drawing on her background in contemporary and aerial dance she suspends, fragments and augments the body via choreography and digital techniques, as a method of exposing the underlying effects of technology.


She explores the relationship between the physical and the virtual through animation, 3D scanning & printing, and virtual & augmented reality, employing these technologies in conjunction with the body to address the disembodied experience of being online. Whilst being passionate about the capabilities of technology she is also wary of how it alters our experience of being human. She is interested in exploring and exposing the experience of engaging with technology, in how it draws us out of our bodily experience and into virtual experiences. She is fascinated by virtual identities, and in how we construct virtual bodies which exist in hyperspace beyond our physical bodies.


She is passionate about being a female and person of colour working directly with technology, which she feels are currently underrepresented. From her experiences working within technological industries she has felt a noticeable absence of female representation and is keen to promote and champion the capabilities of females working with technology.


She is interested in the experience of being human in our increasingly digitised and hyperconnected world and seeks to discover new ways for us to coexist with technology. 


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