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2021, Printed Vinyl, 20m x 5m

‘Remedy’ is public artwork which celebrates the resilience, variety, and importance of New Covent Garden Market, as we emerge from our digitally mediated lockdown lives. Using photogrammetric scanning the work utilises computer-generated textures from fruits, vegetables, and flowers sourced from the market, abstracting these images to create a mesmerizing and meditative digital tapestry.


The work samples scans of over 30 items of produce across the breadth of the market’s offerings, including romanesco broccoli, shimeji mushrooms, Japanese anemones and calla lilies. Recorded during visits to the market, the work captures the unique and unusual produce, embodying the full spectrum of colour and textures available.

'Remedy' was commissioned by New Covent Garden Market Vitrine Art Commission, initiated and funded by VINCI St Modwen and curated by Art Night's Zarina Rossheart.

Photos by Tom Carter


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