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2021, Augmented Reality

Memorial is a series of augmented reality artworks which commemorate the 36 women who were persecuted during the Essex witch trials. Created in collaboration with women from the Essex community the work responds to pieces of their creative writing, written as poetic memories of each victim. The work visualises the vivid imagery conjured by these texts, with each design sketched intuitively by hand before being digitally sculpted in virtual reality. It seeks to physicalise and give form to these metaphorical images, creating a series of enigmatic digital   tableaus. The work was manifested as part of a site-specific walking trail, set across significant locations in Manningtree, Essex which have links to the historic witch trials.

Co-created in memory of: Rose Hollybread, Elizabeth Gibson, Joan Cooper, Mary Cooke, Rebecca West, Anne Leech, Elizabeth Clarke, Rebecca Jones, Helen Bretton, Margery Grew, Anne Cade, Sarah Bright, Elizabeth Gooding, Sarah Hatyn, Mary Wiles, Alice Dixon, Margaret Landish, Elizabeth Hare, Helen Clarke, Aime West, Anne Cooper, Marian Hockett, Susan Cocke, Elizabeth Harvey, Susan Wente, Dorothy Waters, Mary Starling, Mary Johnson, Mary Coppin, Anne Thurston, Bridget Mayers, Mary Greenliefe, Dorothy Brooke, Joan Rowle.

Commissioned by Snapping the Stiletto.

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