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2021, Website

Forecast22 is a digital artwork, in the form of an interactive website, which reflects upon the happenings within the Writtle Hut, site of the first UK public radio broadcasts. Exploring memories and records of those early transmissions and reimagining them through the eyes of the Chelmsford community. The project explores the extraordinary energies of place and people, situating Chelmsford into the canon of places defined by their technological and creative impact. It celebrates the importance of these historic events and brings them into the current moment by channelling them through collaboration with Chelmsford’s community; it’s emerging talents who are actively creating and innovating in music and performance.

Forecast22 reflects upon the importance of collaboration between creativity and technology in both Chelmsford’s past and present. By seeking to recapture secrets from the ether, whilst recording new discoveries, it considers how seemingly small creative acts can forecast the future.

Co-created with: Andy Poole, Donna Lennard, Model Man, Shephali Frost, The Chelmsford Drama Centre: Bea Rew, Freddie Taylor, Imogen Ayres, Kaveen Dias Dahanayake, Lewis Bridgeman, Leanne Johnson, Sophie Geddes, Yash Ajoy Kutty, Anglia Ruskin University Music and Performing Arts Societies: Adriana Valente-Borges, Dominic Tso, James Beardmore, Richard Parker, Ruby Valentine, Ryan Chan, Samuel Odlin, Shylina Velasco.

Commissioned and acquired by Chelmsford Museum.

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