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2022, Sculpture: 3D Print, Acrylic, iPhone, MDF, 15 x 70  x 15cm, Animation, 30 secs, Augmented Reality Filter


Created in collaboration with Kate Bickmore the works take inspiration from Bickmore’s floral compositions, sculpting the flowers in VR, physically forming each petal, stem and stamen in digital space. The works seek to breathe life into the floral subjects, granting them an otherworldly and spellbinding sense of movement. As a reference to dance and performance, the quality of the movement and the interrelations between the flowers were developed as a choreography, with each flower portrayed as a body plunging through space, curling, enveloping, and cradling one another.


The works draw upon video-game alchemy and the healing properties of nature and botanics, syncing with the supernatural and spiritual quality of Bickmore’s flowers to realise evocative and ethereal renders. Each flower glows with cosmic power, floating through a midnight space, caught in a secret moment of dream-like release.


Partnering with the animation pieces mystical devices house AR filters which cast the virtual florals into the gallery, caught between the physical and the digital in a liminal augmented reality. The ghost-like 3D printed sculptures levitate upon white plinths, gripping and wrapping around the structures with transparent roots and vines.

Audio by Ben Dixon

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