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2020, Interactive Realtime Environment

A quiet spot in hyperspace to take some time out. 

As a counter to the hyper-productivity of the post-internet world, ‘Downtime’ virtually embodies the experience of ASMR into a interactive Realtime environment. Simulating a tranquil digital landscape, filled with calming digital artefacts, the user navigates via their computer arrow keys to explore the aimless world and discover aural sensations. The viewer is immersed in a lush landscape of sculpted pink sand dunes, that stretch as far as the eye can see. As they explore the space, they will discover various digital forms that  each emit a unique ASMR inspired sound effect. 


‘Downtime’ acts as a virtual sanctuary, stripping out the endless windows, ads and notifications to create a virtual space to unwind and to disconnect.

'Downtime' was commissioned by Phoenix Leicester.

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