'Zephyrs' was commissioned by the Gibberd Gallery, in association with Essex County Council.


‘Zephyrs’ is a sculptural installation, inspired by the works of David Blackburn and Anne Kilvington featured in the Gibberd Galley’s permanent watercolour collection.


The work feaures a triptych of hanging images, printed onto sheer fabric. These evoke the visual imagery of Kilvington’s ‘...Through Net Curtains’ pieces by emulating the tranparency and texture of her work. ‘Zephyrs’ aims to bring the action, of peering through the curtain, to life by creating a novel version of the experience for a live audience.


The original photographic images printed upon the fabric feature distorted bodies, inspired by Blackburn’s ‘Earth Triptych: Creation’. The bodies are wrapped in a spandex fabric, which transforms them from pedastrian gestures, into fluid and painterly forms.


The photographic images are worked onto with paint, dye and colour to create unique pieces that are paintings within their own right. The colours are heavily inspired by watercolour washes and fade naturally and uidly into one another, much like the colours in Blackburn’s ‘Yellow Coastline’.


‘Zephyrs’ is intended to be hung outside, so as to enable the fabric to move naturally in the wind, as well as to invoke attention and interaction from passersby. 

© 2019 by Sian Fan.