'Rituals' is a 2 part installation, comprising of a virtual reality experience, running on an HTC Vive and an augmented reality app via a mobile device.


The VR element of the work presents a dream-like world inspired by Chinese rituals, where delicate, ethereal elements collide with corporeal, realistic objects to create a juxtaposition between fantasy and reality. Traditional oriental objects appear, illuminated, suspended and revolving; scattered across a lush oasis, like discarded talismans.


The accompanying AR app responds to icons placed within the physical space, and conjures digital elements that overlay the physical world. The interaction between the device and the icon forms part of a ritual within itself, where the user invokes the digital element to appear.


These elements are extensions of the VR landscape, and explore the juxtaposition of traditional thought and technology.


The work reflects on a romantic perception of Chinese culture, contrasted with the actuality of our modern world, where technology is dominant. It meditates on the importance of creating a sense of sacredness in the digital age and attempts to simulate the experience of the numinous through technological means. It collides sacred beliefs with the digital world to explore how these modes can coexist.

© 2019 by Sian Fan.