Portal1.0 is made for playing on laptop or pc only. Portal1.0 does not work on Safari. Please use Chrome or Firefox. 


Portal1.0 invites you into an online exhibition space that is at once virtual and physical. In response to the dimensionless attempts at online shows currently filling hyperspace, the exhibition considers the Internet as a site to be navigated and explored. 


Portal1.0 seeks to fill the void left by the postponed degree show and imagines the artists’ works in a virtual version of the Central Saint Martins’ Lethaby Gallery. The exhibition transports the artworks from their quarantined studios into the gallery space, where they can dream of physicality. 


The all-female show unites dream-like visions of possible realities which coexist and contradict simultaneously. Portal1.0 recreates a physical experience that is sensitive to the artworks’ original forms, whilst enabling them to exist and manifest online. Each artist draws you into their own alternate dimension, which like the exhibition format echoes reality, but are portals to worlds entirely of their own. 


Please turn your sound on.

Use your arrow keys to move.

Mouse to look around