Untitled WIP (hologram tank). Dimensions variable. Synthetic plants, glass tank, monitor, synthetic jelly fish, gravel, perspex, spray painted shells, holographic video. 2019.

The work features a holographic video of a female performer, suspended in tank that is filled with synthetic plants. The current footage is a placeholder for a new video, where the performer will be wearing a metallic pink jumpsuit and black body harness (Fig1.). The body will appear and disappear throughout the tank, as she performers contemporary, aerial choreography. 



Untitled WIP (floating world). Dimensions variable. Perspex, synthetic plants, wire, lucite beads, mp3 player, headphones, pillow speaker, fishing wire, computer RAM. 2019.

The work plays 2 separate audio tracks. The larger, white speaker plays soft singing and water sounds, whilst the headphones play distorted whispering.

(please play below video with sound)



Untitled WIP (data packets). Dimensions variable. Vacuum sealed packet, LCD screen, synthetic plants. 2019.

The work will eventually have a working LCD screen (Fig2.) (extracted from a laptop), instead of the iPad in the packet. The screen will play some form of animation, perhaps a rotating 3D render of an orchid (Fig3.) or of a hand. It may also be accompanied by LED light strips on the exterior of the packet (Fig4.).



Untitled WIP (cyborg flower). Dimensions variable. Costume for performance: metallic faux leather, wire, Arduino, robotic hexapod. 2019.

The work will eventually be a large flower that straps to a performer's chest. Using Arudino and a stretch sensor the petals will open and close in time with the performer's breathing. The petals will be moved via the robotic hexapod (Fig5.) that would be visible on the underside.



Host. Dimensions variable. Interactive VR Installation. 2019.

Manifest the digital state.


Host is a VR experience created for and exhibited at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern in collaboration with MAFA students Ellie, Kaz, Chen and Lei. The work invites participants to be 3D scanned and then inserted into the virtual environment. These digital forms infest and interrupt the virtual landscape, creating surreal sculptures that mesh and merge into forms that are simultaneously natural and digital. Participants are invited to experience the site in virtual reality, as well as being able to explore the environment as an online first person game, after the event.


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