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2017, VR Installation: HTC Vive Headset, Projected Video, Unity Project, Acrylic Plinth, Artificial Flowers, Dimensions Variable

'Garden 2' is a sublime virtual environment, that immerses the viewer in a hyper-feminine oasis. Using photogrammetry to generate 3D scans of the artist’s body, as well as of plants and flowers, the work meshes them together to create hybrid forms. The fragmented bodies hide behind and burst through the floral elements referencing images of mystical females, such as goddesses, nymphs and ‘mother nature’, all empowered by the female gaze. The work immerses the viewer in a virtual environment that defies the masculine image of technology. In opposition to the violent experiences of typical video games, the work instead invites the viewer to mediate, observe and exist.

'Garden 2' was created with support from Screen South, Create Converge and Arts Council England.

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