'Drain' is a live performance installation, using projected video.


It demonstrates the perpetual and futile cycle of balancing the coexistant relationship of anxiety and assurance. The films feature counterparts of the performer that explore the volatile dominance of insecurity and the quiet resilience of hope. The live element is reflective of the human journey to resolve this inner conflict, however unlike the digital simulacrum the live performer is susceptible to the relentless cycle.


'Drain' references Chinese arts and uses images of fans, a water sleeve costume and a mask, both adorned with hand embroidery as representations of the duality in the artist’s ethnic identity as well tools for hiding and revealing. The negative form of a fan appears throughout as a cut out in the costume, exposing the performer’s back. This motif reappears within the choreography, where the performer holds up the cut out, creating a subversive fan that reveals rather than conceals.


'Drain' was awarded first prize for Outstanding Creative Achievement by Seoul National University.

© 2019 by Sian Fan.