2016, Holographic Video: Monitor, Media Player, Acrylic, Wood, 45cm x 45cm x 90cm, 4:34 loop


‘Deathlessness’ was created as part of the Digital Factory Residency, in association with Firstsite, Circuit and the Andy Warhol Artist Rooms Exhibition.


As an response to Warhol’s use of fading prints, suggestive of death, the work uses digitally distorted and warped figures to represent a new, fluid view on mortality, in light of our modern relationship with the digital. The figures exist as holograms, emulating three-dimensional life, and tricking the eye of the viewer.


The work is heavily influenced by Warhol’s method of immortalising a person through their image. It attempts to evade the notion of death and insignificance by creating a perpetual reproduction of the artist. This version, although obviously deficient reflects how heavily lives are created, stored and experienced digitally and challenges notions of what it means to exist.