SPORE 1, 2 & 3

2020, UV Print and Acrylic Paint on Glass Effect Perspex, Mounted on Acrylic Painted Board, 44cm x 32cm x 2cm each


‘Spore’ explores digital simulation. Utilising computer-generated texture files produced by photogrammetric scans of plants and flowers the work abstracts these images; merging and morphing them together. ‘Spore’ investigates how computers understand and perceive reality, translating these digital interpretations into a fragmented cacophony of abstracted colour and texture.


The work represents a significant development in the artist’s practise, whereby she begins physicalising digital materials. Here she infuses them with glass-effect Perspex, a key material in her work, representative of the screen as a portal into virtual space.


The UV printed textures are backed with acrylic paint yet maintain a translucent quality, revealing the cavernous interior of frame. This interior is carefully painted in Black 3.0, a super matte, ultra black acrylic, creating the appearance of depth and mirroring the illusory depth of the screen.  

© 2019 by Sian Fan.