Biophony is a sculptural sound piece that emulates the structures of digital environments. Simulating the way in which virtual worlds are constructed on the game design software, Unity the work utilises structure and scale to create a fragile yet chaotic environment contained on a clear, plastic disk. The work references the synthetic, the virtual and the real, exploring the resonances between them.


Synthetic plants and wires sprout and spill out of electrical components, delicately spiralling away from the supporting surface. Embedded within the artificial flora, a LCD screen displays a 3D orchid model, perpetually revolving and glitching. A set of stripped headphones dangle from the edges, murmuring and whispering unintelligible sounds, whilst separate speakers, designed as sleep aids emit eerie soft singing. The collective sounds build to create a ambient soundscape that seeps out into the space.


© 2019 by Sian Fan.